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Hailwood Can Help Employment Law and HR Consultancy

We can provide contractual documents, written statements, policies, procedures and employee handbooks. We can provide advise & assistance in dealing with employment procedures and draft appropriate documents and letters as required. Hailwood Advisory Services for all your UK Employment Law and Human Resources Consultancy requirements.

Our Employment Law and Human Resources services are designed to meet the needs of “start-up”, small and growing Business’.

To keep our charges to a minimum our services are provided online whenever possible. We can contact you by Email, Telephone and by other electronic means that meet your requirements.

We can produce bespoke employee handbooks to meet the precise requirements of your company. If you prefer, you can safely download various HR policies and a pack containing all you need to handle disciplinary issues in the workplace, from our website.

Our aim is your legal compliance. We recognise employers need to cut costs wherever possible. However, cutting corners in the area of employment legislation can be a costly mistake. We believe our services provide a cost-effective solution in respect of employment law compliance.

Whether or not you are an existing client, if the worst should occur, and a Tribunal claim is made against you, we can provide case management services and tribunal representation.

Ensuring Employment Law compliance

Employment law extends into all aspects of working life. It is becoming increasingly complex and legal requirements are constantly changing. It is very difficult for an employer to be fully aware of all current legal requirements.

The average award in Unfair Dismissal case, for the year 2015-16, was £13,851.

In the same period, a tribunal awarded £1,762,130 in a case brought in respect of sex Discrimination. There is no maximum limit on awards in Discrimination cases. Discrimination reason of any of the protected characteristics is unlawful. (Protected Characteristics - age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation).

Where an employee makes a claim to an Employment Tribunal and they have not been issued with a statement of their terms and conditions of employment (complying with Section 1 of The Employment Rights Act 1996) a Tribunal can make an additional award equivalent to 2 or 4 weeks’ pay.

These are only some of the types of claims that Tribunals deal with, most aspects of the employment relationship are controlled by the law, such as the national minimum wage, the working time regulations (including holiday entitlement) and the payment of wages and entitlement to receive a pay statement.

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