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Setting Up Your HR REMOTE Account

This page is for companies that have registered for our Your HR Remote Service. More details can be found HERE or Complete FORM A to register for our service.

1a) If you have decided to use our services on a fixed fee basis. Once you have paid your first instalement the first thing you need to do is set up access to our helpdesk.

1b) If you have opted for a pay as you go account. Once you have confirmed by email you accept our terms of service the next thing you need to do is set up access to our helpdesk.

Setting up Helpdesk Access
a) Click on the Logon Option on the form below.
b) At the bottom centre of the new page that appears click
Create an Account.
c) On the registration form complete the following fields:
1) Name
2) Email Address
3) Password
4) Address (enter name of company)
5) Phone (Enter Business Landline)
6) Cell Phone (Enter Your Mobile Number)
7) Fax No. (if you have one)
8) Verification Code (Copy Code Given on Form)
9) Press the
Save button.
10) You will receive an email confirming you Registration.

3) Ask each person authorised to use our service to complete step 2)

4) Once you have registered for our helpdesk we will set up your company access to your area of our database. Please note only one set of access details will be provided and these need to be given to anyone you want to have access to your employee records. However, if you contact us at any time we will be able to change the access details.

5) Once your access is set up we will send you an email. The email will include instruction of how to use the database.

6) Once you have received your access details you will be able to start entering your employee details.

Please Note: Only person who log in with your details and Hailwood Advisory Services Ltd will have access to your details.

CLICK HERE To Enter the Database.

On-line Human Resources Forms

Our aim is to ensure your legal Compliance and to reduce the burden upon you. To assist with we have a number of standard forms (others are in development). These forms on completion are sent direct to us, via the internet. We will then add them to our helpdesk record and send you a copy.

Return to work Interview Form

Performance Review Form

Upload Documents


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