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Employment Law Helpdesk - Your HR Remote

If you have a question or problem you need assistance with, why not raise a ticket (enquiry) with Hailwood Advisory Services Ltd. This service is charged on either a pay as you go basis (Standard rate £55.00 per hour - Time spent working on your enquiry - Minimum Charge per Ticket £27.50) or on a retainer basis (Click Here for more details).

Benefits of using our employment law helpdesk on a retained monthly contract

Our helpdesk is a key feature of our Your-HR-Remote Service.

1) We already have key details of all your employees and workers, so we will not constantly be asking you to confirm basic details, such as, date employment started or role within your organisation.

2) You can upload documents, such as, Written statement of terms and conditions and letters, at the same time as you issue them to employees. In this way we are always aware of the history relating to an employee or group of employees and again will not be constantly be asking you to provide documents or information. This also means we can spot and rectify any potential problems.

3) All correspondence between us relating to a issue, will be grouped together under a single ticket number, no more trying to find the email you sent or the reply we gave.

4) One agreed monthly fee, no surprise bills. Cost of service evenly spread.

5) If the worst should happen and an Employment Tribunal claim is made against you, we have all the information in one place to assist in defending the claim successfully

Service Level Employment Law HelpDesk

We aim to provide a substantive response to all Tickets with 4 hours of receipt.

Our office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Our Helpdesk is monitored from 9.00 am and 11.00pm each day (Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays).

Tickets received after 11.00pm will receive a substantive response by 12 noon the next working day.

How our Employment Law HelpDesk system works

1) When you first sign up to Your-HR-Remote you will set up an account on our helpdesk. You will be provided with full details of how to do this.

2a) To submit a ticket simply complete the form below.

2b) You will be sent an email confirming receipt and subsequent emails each time action is taken, and the ticket is updated.

3a) To refer to a previous submitted ticket, click the login button, on the top left of the form below. You will be asked for your email address and password.

3b) You will then be shown a list of all the tickets you have submitted, click on the Ticket you want to refer to.

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