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Eleven HR policies - "beautifully stripped down to make them eminently user-friendly for line managers and staff", written by Daniel Barnett, Employment Law Barrister.

Section 1 of the ERA1996 provides that an employee must be provided with a “statement of initial employment particulars” within 2 months of the commencement of their employment. We would recommend that it is issued as soon as possible as it can avoid future dispute as to what was agreed.

Section 1 and 2 provide details of what must be included in the written statement. Some items must be included in the actual statement of “initial employment particulars” and other details may be provided in supplementary documents, which must also be provided within the two months following the start of employment. This includes copies of the employers disciplinary and Grievance Policies.

Where an employee makes a claim to an employment tribunal, for example claiming unfair dismissal. A tribunal may make an addition award of 2 or 4 weeks’ pay to the employee if the employer has failed to comply with section 1 of the ERA1996.

There is no legal requirement that an employee issues any further documents to employee. An employer can comply with Section 1 of the ERA1996 without providing any further documents..

However, an employee handbook can be a way of grouping together key documents and covering other areas of the employment relationship not required by section 1.

For example, a handbook could include an Equal Opportunities Policy. An employer is vicariously liable for any acts of discrimination carried out by an employee in the course of their employment. Employment Tribunals have interpreted “in the course of Employment” broadly and have considered attending a local pub for a Christmas party organised by an employer as being “in the course of employment”. A defence an employer may be able to put forward, is they have taken all reasonable steps to stop acts of discrimination. A good starting point would be the issuing of an equal opportunities policy.

We recommend that an employee Handbook should include the following basic procedures/policies:
1. Absence Policy
2. Disciplinary & Capability Policy
3. Redundancy Policy
4. Equal Opportunities Policy
5. Whistleblowing Policy
6. Harassment & Bullying
7. Grievance Policy
8. Bribery Policy
9. Holiday Policy
10. Maternity & Family Friendly
11. Social Media Policy

Eleven HR policies - "beautifully stripped down to make them eminently user-friendly for line managers and staff", written by Daniel Barnett, Employment Law Barrister.

Absence Management

Disciplinary and Capability


Equal Opportunities


Harassment and Bullying




Maternity and Family Friendly

Social Media

Conducting Disciplinary
Proceedings in the
Workplace - Pack

This pack includes:

Disciplinary Flowchart
Unfair Dismissal Flowchart
Disciplinary and Capability Procedure
Guidance Notes (Disciplinary and Capability.
ACAS Code of Practice

And the following Template Letters:

1) Letter suspending Employee pending disciplinary Investigation.
2) Invite to Disciplinary Hearing Letter.
3)Outcome letter First or Final Written Warning.
4) Dismissal Letter (after Final Written Warning)
5) Dismissal Letter (Gross Misconduct)
6) Invite to Appeal Hearing
7) Appeal outcome Letter

Letters are in Docx format.
UK Employment law compliant.

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