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Up to 4 employees
(or Full-time Equivalent)


Plan includes
Unlimited tickets each month

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Up to 10 employees
(or Full-time Equivalent)

£69.00 per Month
£690 if paid annually

Plan includes
Unlimited tickets each month
Full Your-HR-Remote Service

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Please see bottom of page for an explanation of Full-time equivalent and how our monthly charges are calculated
Up to 20 employees
(or Full-time Equivalent)

£130.00 per Month
£1300 if paid annually

Plan includes
Unlimited tickets each month
Full Your-HR-Remote Service

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Up to 50 employees
(or Full-time Equivalent)

£320.00 per Month
£3200 if paid annually

Plan includes
Unlimited tickets each month
Full Your-HR-Remote Service

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Your HR Remote by Hailwood, Designed for Smaller Employers without their Own HR Department - Employee Database and Consultancy Combined. It is available on either a pay-as-you-go bases or by paying a fixed monthly or yearly fee.

When calculating to cost of our service.

1) A full-time employee is a person working on average 30 hours a week or more.
2) A Part-time employee is a person working on average 29 hours a week or less and is counted as half and employee.

ABC Ltd have 2 employees working on average 37 hours a week, 4 employees working 19 hours a week and 2 employees working 28 hours a week.

Therefore, the total number of equivalent Full-time employees is 5

As issues arise, from day to day, you can seek advice and assistance by contacting us at our helpdesk (all enquiries will be issued a ticket number) and the all relevant details will be recorded. We aim to be proactive so please contact us when an issue first arises and do not wait to it becomes a major problem. We will also monitor your records to try predicting problems that may arise. Traditionally outsourced HR tends to be reactive and only comes into play when an issue has got to a formal stage, this is often too late for an amicable solution to be reached and there are no winners just losers.

We believe that the dismissal of an employee, can be viewed as a failure on the part of management and disciplinary procedures should be developed to bring about improvement and not dismissal. Where dismissal does occur both the employee and employer loose, the employee their wages and having to look for a new job. The employer the cost of recruitment, training and general disruption.

Inevitably, on occasions the dismissal of an employee may be the only appropriate response. However, such a decision should not be made on the spur of the moment and a fair and proper procedure needs to be observed. Failure to do so can lead to a successful Employment Tribunal claim being made against you by the former employer. To defeat such claims all action and events needs to be recorded. Our system provides that a fair procedure is followed, and all events recorded.

It is also important that an employer has the correct documents in place. Where an employee makes a claim to an Employment Tribunal and they have not been issued with a statement of their terms and conditions of employment (complying with Section 1 of The Employment Rights Act 1996) a Tribunal can make an additional award equivalent to 2 or 4 weeks’ pay. An employee should also be provided with a copy of the employers disciplinary and grievance procedures.

For the above reason when any new client is taken on board, we always carry out a HR Audit to establish legal compliance.

What is included in our Retainer Packages?

a) Submit unlimited Ticket s (Requests for advice and assistance)
b) Audit of Policies and Procedures
c) Quarterly Newsletter
d) Template Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment prepared for each group of employees.
e) Free Video Consultation s (max 2 each month)

Additional services at discounted rates

a) Bespoke Employee Handbook (with key policies and procedures) supplied by email in word format. (£180.00)
b) Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment prepared and supplied by email in word format (£9.50 per employee).
c) Additional Video Consultations £15.00 per 30 minutes (£15.00 minimum charge per consultation)

What we do not do

Our services are undertaken remotely, which keeps our costs low, only in exceptional circumstances will we make visits to your workplace.

Charge any more than the agreed fixed rate.

How to sign up to our out sourced Employment Law and Human Resource services

Step One - Register you company

To make use of Your-HR-Remote, you need to register your company with us by completing
FORM A and press the add new button on the left of the screen.

This form provides us with basic information about your company which helps in enables us to provide advice and information that meets the precise requirements of your company. The form also asks how you want to pay for our service, either on a PAY-AS-You-GO basis, Fixed monthly fee or fixed yearly fee.

Step Two

We will acknowledge by email receipt of Form A and provide username and password as you can start entering employee details on your database. We will also provide information relating to the use of our helpdesk.

Only you and Hailwood Advisory Services can see the information on your database. We will used it solely to ensure the advice we give is correct in respect of a particular employee.

We will also attach a copy of our standard Terms & conditions relating to Your-HR-Remote.

Step Three - Agreeing Retainer monthly or yearly fee

If you have opted to use our service on a retainer basis, we will sent you an email confirming the monthly or yearly subscription. You can then Click the PayPal Link above and make the agreed payment.

Benefits of our remote human resources and employment law system

1) No hanging around waiting for a telephone call or a consult to arrive on site.
2) Contract can be cancelled at any time, no notice required. No long contracts.
3) All advice confirmed in writing. All letters and other documents attached to the appropriate employee record.
4) Advice specific to employee concerned.
5) Audit trail of advice given, and action taken.
4) All information stored on our UK secure server.


We do not share any information you supply to us to any third parties, save as required by law, without your express consent.

All digital information is stored on our secure UK server and all data is processed within the UK.

Payments may be processed used PayPal and you should refer to their policies on privacy and related issues.

Hailwood Advisory Services Ltd are listed on the Data Protection Register - No.ZA125580

Pay-As-You-Go Rates

Employee Handbooks

If required Bespoke Employee Handbooks can be provided from £450, but price dependent on your precise requirements. (Not include in Retainer Package)

Respondenting to Employment Law HelpDesk enquiries

This service is charged on a pay as you go basis (Standard rate £55.00 per hour - Time spent working on your enquiry - Minimum Charge per Ticket £27.50. (included in retainer package).

Drafting Letters to be sent to employees

- (Included in retainer Package)
£35.00 first page of any letter.

£20.00 Subsequent pages of any letter.

Video Consultations

- (Included in retainer Package)

£25.00 per 30 minutes (£25.00 Minimum charge per consultation)

Other Services

Business start up package

The package includes template job offer letters and written statements of terms and conditions of employment incorporating grievance and disciplinary policies, all tailored to meet the requirements of your business and to ensure legal compliance. One off charge from £250-00, but price dependent on your precise requirements.

Using our employment law helpdesk

Whenever you require advice or wish to report an incident please submit your enquiry via our helpdesk. All enquiries will be allocated a ticket number, for easy reference, and will be recorded our Database.

We will reply to your enquiry giving full advice and drafts of any letters to be issued to employees.

1) When you first sign up to Your-HR-Remote we will set up an account on our helpdesk. You will be sent login details.
2a) You will be sent an email confirming receipt and subsequent emails each time action is taken, and the ticket is updated.
2b) To submit a ticket simply complete the form.
3a) To refer to a previous submitted ticket, click the login button, on the top left of the form above. You will be asked for your email address and password.
3b) You will then be shown a list of all the tickets you have submitted, click on the Ticket you want to refer to.

Standard on-line Human Resources Forms

Our aim is to ensure your legal Compliance and to reduce the burden upon you. To assist with we have several standard forms (others are in development). These forms on completion are sent direct to us, via the internet. We will then add them to our helpdesk record and send you a copy.

Return to work interview form

Performance Review Interview form

Upload requested Documents

Form to accompany minuets of Disciplinary and Grievance Meetings

Our Your-HR-Remote services consists of two key elements our Employee Database and our online Employment Law Helpdesk.

Human Resouces DataBase

Our Employee Database is accessible 24/7, each client only has access to their employee records. The database is deliberately kept simple, recording key employee details and details of attendance and disciplinary and grievance matters.

To see our database in action login using the following details:

Username: abcltd
Password: sxrpqt

Click Here to Login

Employment Law Helpdesk

We aim to provide a substantive response to all Tickets with 4 hours of receipt.

Our office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Our Helpdesk is monitored from 9.00 am and 11.00pm each day (Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays).

Tickets received after 11.00pm will receive a substantive response by 12 noon the next working day.

View our Helpdesk


The HR/Employment Law Solution for SMEs.


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